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Legendary Game: Save the World from Evil Thoughts!

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Legendary is an action-packed game and a first person shooting game developed by Spark Unlimited. It was released in 2008 but there are still thousands of players around the world who play it on their devices.

Plot of the Game!

The game starts with a contract given to Charles Deckard (You), who is a professional thief and your partner in crime Vivian who will be your associate. You would be hired by a wealthy businessman Ormond LeFay who wants you to steal the artifact from a museum in New York City and London as well as the game progresses.

As we started playing the game we got to know that the artifact which was asked to be stolen, it’s actually a legendary Pandora’s box which has all the evils of the world. Now that’s what you didn’t know before taking the contract and all this is managed by an underground organization called as Black Order. So we hope, you’re now clear about what’s coming to you next!

You’re going to have a roller coaster ride right when you steal the artifact and try to open the box which has all the evil powers that Black Order is looking for. If they get those evil powers, they will surely rule the world for a bad reason. So as a thief, it’s up to you now to save the world from the bad evil thoughts and take those super powers yourself to use it for a good reason.

Right when you open the box, you’re unsure about what’s in it. But LeFay has complete knowledge about the box and the super powers present in it. Signet which is printed on his hands right after opening the box, gives you the ability to channelize the energies of the creatures that were released from the Pandora’s box. That’s the plot of the game! Let’s now see what you have in the gameplay that will surely keep you hooked!


The Signet print which you just got on your hands has some unique powers that can be used in the battlefield. An Absorb power allows you to absorb the Animus of dead creatures. The feed allows you to pass the Animus energy into the electronic devices. Pulse power allows you to daze at the creatures, whereas Heal power allows you to heal from the wounds. And the final one which is Tame power that allows you to fly a Griffin and tame at the same time. So that’s all about the super powers that you got right when you opened the box. Now it’s up to you whether to use it or not or to decide when exactly to use it.

Now when you have the mystery box with you, Black Order would be coming hard at you to get it. Their intention is to get rid of all the mythological creatures that have supreme power. And with that, they wish to control the world with their evil thoughts. On the other side, LeFay’s soldiers are on their marks to kill you and your associate. So by now, you’ve got enemies all around and it’s time for some firecrackers!

The weapons in the game might not satisfy your needs but they are enough if used in a right way to defeat your enemies that come your way! With a wide range of shooting weapons, it could have got better if there was something like unlocking super weapons or upgrading the existing weapons. Of course, the flamethrower and few of the semi-automatic weapons in the game are more than enough to face your enemies. It’s just that you need to use the weapons at the right time, else, the legendary Pandora’s box will be out of your hands very soon and the game would be finished within a matter of minutes.

As it was released back in 2008, you can expect the game to be a bit slow but believe us, once you start playing the game, you’ll be on the charge right away and your mission would seem like highly impossible if you are playing a FPS game for the first time. And if you’re already a Pro at FPS games, it wouldn’t take much time to complete the game as you are already well-trained.

The graphics in the game are simply amazing but it could have been better if you ask us to review it. Gameplay and the plot of the story are interesting but things like various locations and upgradation of weapons could have only made the game better.

So if you’re a beginner in the FPS gaming arena and want to try the basic level of gaming, Legendary game must be your go to option. The fans of this game are expecting a revamped version in the future but it doesn’t have any signs.

Download Legendary game on your devices and have fun shooting at your enemies and protecting the world from evil minds!

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