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How to play Android Games on PC

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You want to take your gameplay to the big screen. Your games are fun on your phone, but you can’t help wondering what they’d look like on a bigger screen. That’s why, in this post, we’ll teach you how to play android games on a PC.

You’d think it was a simple matter of just accessing the game site from your PC. You’d be wrong; we create Android games for mobile phones and tablets. They might not look as good or perform as well when it comes to a standard computer.

There’s no need to give up, though. We’ve got two hacks that you can use to play your favorite games. Hack one involves using an emulator. Hack 2 consists of playing the game straight from your browser. Which one suits you best? Let’s find out.

For this exercise, we’ll look at the popular Play Store game Street Racing 3D.

Using an Emulator

There’s nothing easier. An emulator program converts the mobile game into a format that works well on PC. There are tons of emulators on the market, but we’ve decided to stick to the best – BlueStacks. Why? BlueStacks decided early on to focus on mobile games only. You can check our Top 5 Best Android emulators review.

According to the site, their platform sees around a billion games played per month. Want to try it out?

Head Over to BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks. Once you’ve downloaded it, install it onto the computer you’re using. We did that with Street Racing 3D for PC.

Find Your Games at the Google Play Store

Just go through the Play Store and install whatever games you like. BlueStacks ensures that the game reads your computer as a mobile device. The upside is that gameplay is smooth, with no lagging or buffering. It even felt as though the game was easier to control via PC. 

We did put the game through its paces, and it came out on top. Thanks to BlueStacks, we’d even go so far as to say that we preferred the PC version.

If you’re not keen on BlueStacks, then Genymotion and Nox are great alternatives.

Not Using Emulators

Emulators aren’t for everyone. They recreate the game and may shift borderlines or use different pixels. For the gaming aficionado, this is unacceptable. If you’re dead-set against utilizing an emulator, here’s another way to work things.

Install Arc Welder

For this to work, you must have Chrome as your browser. If you don’t, download and install it first. Now you’re going to check the Chrome app store for the Arc Welder or Welderio extension. Find it by going to their page in the store.

Be prepared for a little bit of frustration. It could take a few tries for it to add it to your Chrome browser. 

Find Your Games

It’s simple enough. Find the game that you want to play and download the .APK file it to your computer. 

Fetch the APK

Finally, fetch the file that you’re looking for on Arc Welder. It should be in your downloads folder. Get ready, get set, and play.

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