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How to Get Fallout 4 to Run Better

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With its immersive post-apocalyptic setting and ingenious crafting system, Fallout 4 was a worthy contender for game of the year in 2015, making millions of users skip school, work, and their weekly Saturday family luncheons. Fans were awestruck by the splendor of Fallout 4 when it initially came out, but not everyone possessed the 8GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 780 required to enjoy it properly.

These requirements are significantly easier to meet six years later. But, even with low-cost gaming machines, not everyone has the financial means. However, this sparked a passionate modding community, which resulted in some of gaming’s most successful performance mods.

7 Ways to Get Fallout 4 to Run Better Using Performance Mods

Many mods exist that drastically improve the game’s performance and FPS by altering shadows, lighting, and resolution. For those of you who are experiencing trouble running the game, or if a particular bug is driving you crazy, you’ll probably find a quick fix on the list below.

#1. Insignificant Object Remover

As intended, this mod allows the game to run faster while reducing the graphics quality, by removing little and minor things from Fallout 4. It basically gets rid of procedural grass, small stones and rubble, and other minor things that you wouldn’t even notice.

It even allows for modification, so you may keep the seaweed on the beaches while dumping the twigs on the highway. Demonstrating how much processing power is wasted on objects and textures that you’ll likely never notice; the end result will be significantly higher framerates. Check out this mod for a smoother and faster gaming experience.

Get Insignificant Object Remover Mod

#2. Great FPS Boost

This is one of the most popular performance mods for Fallout 4, claiming to significantly increase FPS. The main method it accomplishes this is by not only adjusting but also deleting the majority of in-game shadows.

To enhance the performance of the game without causing too much impact on its overall visuals, this modder made a lot of cleverly subtle (and almost imperceptible) changes to elements like fog, dynamic shadows, and grass.

Get FPS Boost Mod

#3. Load Accelerator

If you are having trouble loading the game itself, check out this mod. Installing this mod will not increase your game performance, instead, it will speed up the loading process. It accomplishes this by controlling V-Sync and CPU Affinity during the initial loading screen, allowing it to launch more quickly.

According to the developer, this mod works better with an SSD, and hence, you may notice an increase in the processing load on your GPU during that period.

Get Load Accelerator Mod

#4. Fog Remover – Performance Enhancer II

This revised version of Fog Remover will eradicate elements like Mist, Fog, Dust, Smoke, and more from Fallout 4, which will aid with both visual quality and performance. This mod shrinks the file size by 53.35x when compared to the previous version, and there are 19 distinct settings to choose from.

Simply put, the mod removes environmental effects including mist, steam, dust, smoke, and, of course, fog. Download mod for a faster gaming experience!

Get Fog Remover Mod

#5. Optimized Vanilla Texture

Optimized Vanilla Textures is a mod that makes a variety of minor changes to textures in an attempt to improve efficiency without sacrificing “minimal to non-existent quality.” A number of normal maps have been reduced in size while diffuse maps have remained relatively unchanged, and a large number of textures have had their smoothness and shine reduced. You’ll receive a few extra frames per second, but the main goal is to keep everything stable.

Get Optimized Vanilla Texture Mod

#6. Max Performance – All Interiors

The mod, Max Performance – All Interiors makes major improvements to interior environment décor to increase FPS, reduce framerate drops, enable smoother gameplay, and reduce VRAM and CPU consumption. According to the claims made by the modder, this performance mod also manages to reduce performance-related crashes.

To obtain maximum framerate, the mod disables some lights, beams, effects, mist, smoke, decals, and some moving objects. Plus, this mod is compatible with all vanilla interiors in DLC and the original game.

Get Max Performance – All Interiors Mod

#7. Upscale

The mod allows you to play the game in “borderless fullscreen” mode while keeping the resolution of your choice. This fantastic mode with its holistic approach allows gamers to play the game in borderless fullscreen on 4K monitors sans native upscaling all the while boosting speed by reducing resolution. Unfortunately, the popular ReShade mod is unsuitable with Upscale, according to the modder.

Get Upscale Mod

We hope the above list of performance mods will cater to your need of playing Fallout 4 without any issues. See which mod works the best for you and get ready for a smooth gaming experience!

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