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How Many Resident Evil Games are There?

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Resident Evil is to be credited if you’ve ever encountered a game labeled as a “survival horror.” Capcom introduced gamers to a labyrinth mansion teeming with flesh-eating zombies, window-bursting zombie dogs, and a menagerie of lethal Bio Organic Weapons, or B.O.W.s, in 1996.

Resident Evil cleverly balances action, exploration, and resource management whilst also seizing every opportunity to scare the player, leading to the formation of a completely new genre. The first Resident Evil game became an instant hit, spawning a slew of sequels and spin-offs, as well as lucrative attempts into film, comics, and animation. There are about 24 Resident Evil games out there and some of them are listed below.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was released by the developer successfully even before the storm caused by the first installment could settle down. The events of the franchise’s second installment take place just two months after the events of the first game in Racoon City.

Even though the gameplay mechanics are nearly identical, Resident Evil 2 offers a ‘Zapping system’ that allows gamers to play as both characters giving them a unique gaming experience. The game was received with critical praise, giving a remarkable gaming experience on all fronts, including horror, action, exploration, and puzzle components, much like its predecessor.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Released little over two years after its predecessor, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis features the same key gameplay concepts as its predecessors, including puzzle-solving and fixed camera angles. This installment takes place immediately after the events of the first and before the events of the second.

This installment caters to gamers who are looking for more action, which was significantly lacking in the prior games. Plus, with the inclusion of the terrifying Nemesis, the game intensified the terror level from prior installments.

Resident Evil 4

This ground-breaking creation marked a seismic shift in the series, as it was the first to debut a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective to the series. Resident Evil 4 not only changed the trajectory of Resident Evil but also influenced a slew of subsequent games with its gripping tale set after the demise of Umbrella Corporation.

The majority of the game’s new features arrived just in time, enabling this installment to deliver a vintage Resident Evil experience with a dash of speed and improved graphics. Furthermore, the game offers extra context-sensitive controls that let the gamer interact with the world in a variety of ways.

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 looks to be quite similar to Resident Evil 4 in terms of mechanics, however, it is incredibly fast-paced, and it feels more like an action game than a survival horror game designed to cater to a certain type of gamers.

It also departs from the single-player formula by including a two-player cooperative mode that provides an immersive experience. However, because the companion AI isn’t fantastic and can often detract from the experience, the game is best played in co-op.

Resident Evil 6

While Resident Evil 5 did not live up to the same craze its predecessors created, Resident Evil 6 is unarguably considered to be the worst of all the installments. It has four playable characters spanning numerous intertwined campaign narratives, as well as a four-player co-op mode, although it lacks depth and consistency in comparison to the other games in the series.

Resident Evil 6 takes a more action-oriented style, with certain sequences that are a little too extravagant.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

After the previous two installments which did not create the kind of positive stir that they wished, Capcom was well aware that they needed to make some changes and with Biohazard, they took several big measures.

The game’s idea is well-known, and it follows the same pattern as past stories in the series. However, what made this game a mega-hit was actually a radical shift for the series, as it used first-person perspective for the first time, which served to move the focus back to horror.

It’s full of confined locations, moves at a considerably slower pace than the two games preceding it emphasizes exploration, and has several intriguing riddles.


Resident Evil has had numerous highs and lows since its initial release in 1996 and yet, it still remains a fan favorite and one of the gaming industry’s most iconic series. It is a must-try for anyone who wishes to dive into a zombie-infested eerie world or for a seasoned gamer wanting to get away from action-themed games.

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