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How Many Kingdom Hearts Games are There?

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There are some video game series that are difficult to break into, and Kingdom Hearts is one of them. Running since the year 2002 with a quirky title, this game franchise combines Final Fantasy with Disney in a way that shouldn’t work but does, and its plotline can be difficult to follow due to its undeniable complexity. There are a total of 13 Kingdom Hearts games available, spanning 17 years, and seven distinct consoles.

If you want a good introduction to the world on offer, the first game in the series – Kingdom Hearts is the best one to play. Sora’s quest to discover and save his pals with Goofy and Donald begins with this game. It is the simplest in the series because it was the first to be produced for the franchise. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the franchise’s many themes as well as some of the main characters.

Kingdom Hearts has by now gained a cult following and spawned a slew of sequels and spin-offs that incorporates new characters and locations while diversifying on the series’ befuddling and often contradictory timeline.

Kingdom Hearts II

Contrary to its title, Kingdom Hearts II is preceded by Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and the events of the former takes place a year after that of the latter. Released back in 2005, Kingdom Hearts III received critical acclaim and the attention of gamers bringing in positive feedback. With the inclusion of the Reaction Command, which executes context-sensitive actions in battle, the gameplay is similar to that of the first installation.

It marks the next great step in the franchise, concluding Roxas’ tale (for the time being) and bringing him back together with Sora. As he battles members of Organization XIII, Sora’s keyblade skills have improved as he has gotten stronger and older. Combat has also improved as a result of improved gear systems and coves that help Sora become faster and stronger.

Kingdom Hearts III

After Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Code and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was released which was soon followed by Kingdom Hearts III. It symbolizes the conclusion of an almost two-decade odyssey while simultaneously introducing a new tale. The game eventually brings together all of the main and side title characters for the last battle against Xehanort, which will have far-reaching consequences in the future.

Square Enix had their job cut out for them in straightening up the series’ notoriously confusing chronology for new players as well as returning players, given that it had been nearly 15 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most accessible entries to date, and possibly the most forgiving in terms of fighting, despite its oddities and atrocious cutscenes.

Kingdom Hearts IV

Kingdom Hearts has finally finished its first story arc after what seemed like an eternity. After 17 years, the Dark Seeker Saga, often known as the “Xehanort Saga,” is finally completed. Kingdom Hearts IV is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts III and the final game in the Kingdom Hearts series. It will be released on June 12, 2022, following the events of Kingdom Hearts III.

Returning protagonist Sora is in Yozora as he visits new worlds in search of Kairi and to stop Xigbar. Kingdom Hearts 4 will most likely take place in Quadratum, a new, modern Japan-like environment with a mostly updated cast. It can be considered a little “unreal” in comparison to the typical Kingdom Hearts worlds, and it’s crucial to the Master of Masters’ goals. Although, these are mere speculations and the fans are on edge waiting for this installation.


Since its debut in 2002, Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise has grown into an international JPRG sensation. Since 2002, the franchise has grown significantly, with 13 different versions and its own fan base. Do let us know which one is your favorite!

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