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Best PS5 Racing Games

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The new generation PlayStation 5 hit the market, opening the doors of a visual paradise for gamers. This console offers high performance and better frame rates, adding more thrill to your gaming experience.

So if you have laid your hands on the newest console wishing to play the best racing games, here are some games you should try out!

1.  Wreckfest

Wreckfest is a destructive car racing game that will get you to destroy your opponent’s cars for hours! However, this game is one step ahead of racing as it features high-performance solid cars for destructive gameplay.

Wreckfest features a deliriously satisfying handling model and damage systems that make racing more about destroying cars and less about reaching the pole position. In addition, this game offers 4K resolution and 60 frames per second visual upgrade with improved texture, shadows, light effects, track details, and quick loading times.

These enhanced features make Wreckfest one of the best racing games to play on your PlayStation 5.

Moreover, the game has vans, buses, double-decker cars, and even harvesters for you to choose from to smash other vehicles. Wreckfest includes various tracks with mud, tarmac, and gravel for you to make the most of your racing experience.

1.  Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is a vibrant racing game that will pump adrenaline into your body as you play. In addition, the game features off-road and drifting events. It also has underground street races that will help you build your in-game reputation.

Need for Speed Heat is the latest addition to the NFS series that is why it has more content with two different environments. It features calm races during the daytime. In contrast, the nighttime races feature vibrant neon lights, creating a bustling racing environment.

You can customize your in-game cars then build a career by completing in challenges and races. The graphics and the thrilling gameplay make it worth playing!

1.  F1 2021

If you wish to learn about Formula One racing, F1 2021 is the game you need to play. This game is a fantastic way to introduce motorsport to the players. With highlighted details, a reworked physics system, and visuals, F1 2021 effortlessly wins the heart of gamers.

The gameplay puts you in the shoes of an upcoming F1 rookie with a narrative-driven story mode. This racing game is all about making the team win the Formula 1 championship.

In addition to this, the game features a career mode. You could choose from a lot of teams and players. You’ll also have access to an AI team management system that will help build your team.

The gameplay and mechanism look extremely fun to play if you want to handle racing.

1.  Dirt 5

If you’re looking for a racing game that will help you show off your PlayStation 5, then you need to play Dirt 5. Codemasters developed and published Dirt 5, a simcade racing video game. This game focuses on off-road racing. It features rallycross, ice racing, off-road buggies, and stadium super trucks.

Dirt 5 is a visual masterpiece as it emphasizes arcade-style handling and gigantic tracks, presenting you with astounding visuals. This game roars on the PlayStation 5 with its split-screen multiplayer modes. Moreover, it supports 120 FPS.

1.  Rims Racing

Rims Racing is a motorcycle riding simulator. The game starts with you choosing your dream bike that is one of the world’s eight most powerful motorcycles.

The best part about this game is its customization section that provides a real-life motorcycle-building experience. This customization section’s versatility makes up for the lack of motorcycle choices that the game offers.

The game is highly detailed as it pays attention to the screws that attach to each part of a motorcycle. Rims racing also has a complex environment. It consists of a decent AI system for the opponent.

Overall, this racing game is exceptionally detailed with the well-built handling of the bikes.

2.  MotoGP 21

MotoGP 21 is a motorbike racing simulator that has excellent content. Unfortunately, this game bears similarities to its predecessors that came out a year ago. However, MotoGP 21 has some noticeable improvements. In general, this game has fantastic handling that provides a good racing experience to the gamers. In addition, the game has simulated R&D for the players to get the hang of the game.

The MotoGP 21 looks even better on the PlayStation because of the highly detailed visuals. The game also pays close attention to the animations during racing, crashing, and cornering. In addition, it enhances the simulation experience by introducing challenges.

MotoGP 21 features the AI teammates that make your gaming experience better. Overall, the visuals and the gameplay of MotoGP 21 make it worth playing.

Final Words

Not everyone is a massive fan of racing games, but if you love revving up in the tracks with motorbikes and cars, then these racing games will keep you entertained for hours. All these games have excellent visuals and graphics, offering a great gaming experience to the players.

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