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8 Best Android Games to Play in 2021

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Your Android phone is a mini-portal that leads you to the online world of gaming. There are thousands of Android games to play, but you won’t have to trudge through them as we have selected the eight best Android games you should play in 2021.

These games have recent updates that your Android phone or tablet would most likely support. All of the following games are tested and rated. In addition, they cover all genres of Android games.

1.   Among Us

Among Us dominated the gaming world in 2020 as the perfect game that people played to kill time in quarantine. Surprisingly, it continues to be people’s favorite in 2021 as well.

Among Us requires you and your astronaut friends to work alongside to fix the spaceship. However, there exist two or three sabotagers known as imposters that secretly kill the crewmates. So you have to deduce and guess the imposter to eject them into space.

Among Us gets you to question every crewmate, making you suspicious. And if lucky, you become the imposter; then you have to use social manipulation to tell lies and sabotage to win!

1.   Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a personal favorite. This game makes you want to get the chicken cross the road with all your effort. Crossy Road has a colorful look with inherently funny chickens.

The gameplay involves dodging traffic, hopping across logs, and sidestep trains to collect coins.

2.   Minecraft

Minecraft for mobile devices is now improved with better visuals as the games have been unified with new versions taking from the mobile version’s foundations. That means that you do not get a compromised version of the game when you build blocks on your phone.

Like Minecraft on PC, the pocket edition also drops you into a landscape made of different cubes. You have to mine these cubes to turn them into buildings and items.

The pocket edition also comes with two modes; creative and survival.

In creative mode, you can fly around the game world by using infinite materials. However, the survival mode is where you have to build above the ground as nighttime brings monsters that attack players and destroy their creations.

1.   Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go turned our reality into the world of Pokemon by allowing us to catch Pokemons in our surroundings! You can collect the pokemon by capturing the ones in your neighboring areas or hatching the eggs to trade them with other trainers.

So when you can’t go into the fictional world of Pokemon, this game brings it to your house.

2.   Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing is a frenetic racing game that lets you handle tiny vehicles. The cars drive like remote control cars, but the races are tight, and you may lose if you look away even for a second. The game has dozens of races that take place in a variety of environments. You can zoom through the ruins or race amidst the beachside tracks.

The AI is aggressive that adds more thrill to the game. In addition, you can upgrade the cars with a nitro boost when you’re racing to take the race to the next level!

1.   Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit exists in a game capable of providing you with a unique driving experience. The cars, along with the environment, have excellent views. The game also manages to give you a sense of realism with some unique features.

It is a simple racing game where you waver through multiple landscapes, smash into cars, and win duels. Overall, it’s exhilarating as a classic Need for Speed game!

2.   Bridge Constructor Portal

Although there are numerous Bridge Constructor games, the Portal version gets all the hype among the best Android games. The reason being the game’s perfect blend of two franchises. However, the portal version also has the same goal: build a bridge to safely get a vehicle from point A to B.

It is easier said than done because once you discover how difficult the task is, you’re going to be doing it for hours. Not only does gravity fight you but things like portals also stand in your way.

1.   The Room: Old Sins

People hail The Room series as the peak of puzzle games on Android. Although we suggest that you play this game to judge it by yourself, rest assured that these series indeed serve as excellent puzzle games.

This game is worth your time and energy as it does not disappoint when you solve intricate puzzles and mysteries involving a missing person’s case.

The game is fascinating, with engaging soundtracks and an atmosphere that creates a creepy vibe.


These eight games are the absolute favorites of android users. So if you have spotted one of your favorites, install it from the play store to get hooked right away!

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